The Chakras

Next up, everyone, is the chakras. The chakras represent our energy systems. Those are located up and down in our bodies and in our nervous system. We’ve been talking about their presence in our subconscious in some of our last posts. Let’s study them in depth now. There are a total of 7:


With the chakra system, we start from bottom to top.


The Root chakra directs our base instincts. it represents our means for basic survival, such as the need for shelter, for food and for a currency to exchange goods. As the word root would indicate, this chakra represents how well we can manage our effort to grow society from the ground up.


The Sacral chakra directs our limbic system. This is where we perceive our sexuality and the emotions of our personal being. This is also the center of our drive. It is through this chakra that we are able to perform in social events or in sports. In general, the sacral chakra will rule our personal, immediate emotional needs, which will turn into drive for friendship or drive for grandeur in our lives.


The solar plexus chakra represents our willpower and influence in society. This is the center of our ego and our drive to live freely on Earth. This chakra also craves for more unlocked doors in our lives, such as having a license to drive or having a degree to work for a great or decent wage. This is also where we meet our needs for positions in society.


The heart chakra, located at the very middle of our system, represents our positive self-esteem and our will for kindness and compassion. This is the center of our need to belong and to love one another. A radiant heart chakra will nurture someone’s capacity to positively bring change to society while a dark heart will push us to stomp others for our own comfort and gain.


The throat chakra represents our capacity to express ourselves. It is through this chakra that we become truly social beings. Our identity is shaped by interacting with others, especially at an early developing age. We can also make our personal appeals known to wider society through this wonderful tool we call voice, which is why television is so prevalent around the globe since its appearance in our lives.


The third eye chakra, located at up the eyebrows, represents our capacity to perceive. Our perception is important to understand the developing events of our personal lives, of our career and of a larger society in which we belong. This also the center of the realizations of our lives regarding non-obvious subjects, such as the importance of men or women in society. Summarily, this chakra represents intuition.


The crown chakra represents our spirituality. It is here, beyond our bodily nervous system, that we develop our sense of interrelationship with the rest of humanity. This is where we read and understand about the Occult, the Tree of Life and the Tarot. It is also where we definitely go beyond greed and believe in a supreme force which wants us to become moral beings.

Now that we have detailed the chakras, I would like to point out one more thing: the three lower chakras, from Root chakra to Solar Plexus chakra, rule our base lives. This is where we are permit to be more selfish in our lives. These three chakras represent our anchor of stability in the material world. The other chakras deal more with our relationship with the world and with others through ideas and emotions.

Here’s for this lesson. We will see more about the chakras soon.


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