More Tarot 2

Here to complete the Microcosmic Tree of Life. This tree helps us understand how we work on a personal level.

Here’s for the upper missing half from last post:


The Hierophant card, situated on the Strength sphere of the Tree of Life, represents inner religion. This card focuses on our need for a stiff internal world where things are sure from experience, reading and belief. The hierophant, or pope, on the picture, has a golden crown with three stages, symbolizing he has mastered the triune brain. We should mostly interpret this card as an effort to convert ourselves into wholly people, which, as we’ve seen before, entails a connection between Mind, Feeling and Will.


The emperor, located on the Sphere of Mercy, is the authoritative figure spreading work and action through the might of its voice. This row of the Tree of Life corresponds with the Throat Chakra. This figure is crowned, symbolizing a measure of enlightenment. Willpower and action here are more paternal and inspiring towards others, as is with the pillar of Mercy. Instead of rawer action like in the Chariot, however, we look here more at inspiring other people’s minds.


The Empress card, located on the sphere of Understanding, represents our inner process of understanding and comprehension. This is the card of intuition on the female pillar of Severity. This type of understanding comes from our heart region and is usually deviant from strict head work or intellect.

The High Priestess is located on the sphere of Wisdom. She’s the gateway that takes us to Crown illumination. She has the two pillars of masculinity and femininity to her sides. She joins them with the knowledge of the Occult. She’s the gatekeeper of the mysteries. We can see some lunar symbolism at her feet. Her cloak also wears the white-blue of the moon. As we’ve seen from the Occult, lunar worship means spirituality, or conscience that is astray. We also know that High Priestess is a maiden. From this, we collect that she’s the purifier of desire and the control that we need to ascend to true spirituality and enlightenment.


The Magician card, located on the very top of the Tree of Life, or the Kether region, represents human enlightenment. From the image, we can see the infinity symbol and the four elements of nature on the table. We can also see flowering growth within the card. Lastly, we see that the person in the card looks objectively around him with finger pointed in and observing stance. The magician is the vehicle of ambitious and marvelous projects. He has tremendous potential, as signified by the infinity symbol. He has knowledge of human conscience and has it consciously integrated within his being. The further result is abounding growth and beauty in the things he touches.

That’s it for the Microcosm. Stay tuned for more of the Occult!


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