Unraveling Tarot

Hello folks.

Right now we’re about to engage another mystery of the Occult. This post will relate to the Tarot cards. For how beautiful the arrangement of the Tarot cards is in the Major Arcana deck, we will study those first, from card 11 to 21. To help us with this investigation, we need to relate the cards to the Macrocosmic Tree of Life in Kabbalah.


We will look at the bottom 5 cards for the beginning of this lesson. Please note that we will not fully discuss Kabbalah or its origins today, but we will rather use the tree to explain the order through which these cards must be explored.

Behold the cards of the Major Arcana! These cards will help us think how we must understand life and evolve as a species in the aggregate.This tree works from root to top, and we cannot skip steps.


The Judgement card shows an angel calling us out of a base identified life. As we’ve seen many times, base conscience is related to the realm of matter, where we find our satisfaction and contentment. When we just want results in our lives without trying to pull efforts for our gains or without trying to understand the hiding principles behind our actions, we plague ourselves with base imprisonment. This base life becomes and has been the identification for our lives over thousands of years. The angel and his trumpet attempts to rise us from this slumbering mentality to gain a real hold of our lives.

Wake up or perish in the grave or entropy.


The Sun card represents the light of Truth. This particular card, with its placement on the tree, represents a difficult choice on our path through life. We may decide to heed the light of Truth, represented by the sun, or we may not. The civilization of a country may decide to go to war, or it may not, just as it may decide to create great deeds of fortune for its people or try to extort it for the gain of a few. This card is simply the heed for effort on to a greater life for human beings.

Now, this is where it becomes interesting. As a species we either decide to go left on the tree, to the pillar of severity, or darkness, or we may decide to correct our actions, will and thoughts towards the right path, or to the pillar of Mercy.


This card appears if we refuse the sun’s call and defy its wisdom. The moon in many esoteric traditions has often presented itself as a guiding mother for a wayward child in times of darkness. The animals down the card represent ignorance. We’re then engulfed in our primal instincts and our wild desires to do whatever we want, without heeding anything relating to consciousness.


The Star card represents the guiding light that awakens within when we heed the sun’s wisdom. As we can see, the woman’s surroundings are flourishing, which is a message of success. The water represents the flowing movement of her emotions and the achievements through which she is progressing. This card is the beginning of the formation of intuition and our feelings for something we truly wish success for and wish to nurture.


The Tower card, located in our heart center, represents sudden change. As students of the Occult, we must accept and understand that Nature predominates over Man since it existed longer than Man. The longer we resist her call to change, the stronger will her howls blow in our direction. Nature and the Universe wants to shape us into the human beings that we should become, and resisting these calls causes enduring suffering for all of us.

This card is thus the change card, and whomever is ready to change for their partner or for people in their relationships will reap the beauty of their hearts. We must understand, however, that the longer we persist in changing ourselves, the more will change come to us in an unpleasing way. This is represented upwards in the tree, which we will discuss in future posts.

See you!


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