Unraveling Tarot part 2

It’s time to complete our lesson on the Major Tarot Arcana. We’ve done the bottom part and reached the Tower card at the heart center. Now, we will study what happens onward where we either decide to change or accept stagnation and the refusal to accept nature’s rebuttal. As ever, from bottom to top with the Macrocosmic Tree of Life.


Remember that the left column regards symbolically to darkness and the severity in consequences of our actions, while the right column helps us rise above the tediousness of the world and the suffering that is at risk there.


We’re here sent to the Severity pillar for not heeding Nature’s call to change. What happens to us, as is suggested by the image, is self-imposed slavery by our vices. As we can also see on the card, the chains around the couple’s neck are loose, which means they chose to abide by the Devil’s law.

This is what happens when we lose ourselves in the phrase Ignorance is Bliss, or when we choose to abandon ourselves to vices instead of choosing long-term efforts for our lives.


Here on the card of Temperance, the being becomes enlightened by the choices it has made thus far, as is painted by the glowing effect around its head. We also see that the path to sovereignty, or preserved liberty, is now open to that person. Its vices and neglects are now gone through, and the clearness of its mind, thoughts and emotions make it easy to proceed on the next steps of its life, as is presented by the water and the cups.


The World card simply means understanding principles that rule our universe and our inner selves. This card can be seen as the design card. We need to shed our egotism and think better as men and women to create worlds which fit us better through the spiritual enlightenment that we’ve acquired. The four icons at the corners of the card reflect the four seasons, with the man being winter, the bull being spring, the lion being summer and the eagle being autumn. This simply means that the world is shifting regardless of our own personal ambitions and longings.

Now, from the Heart center card of the Tower and the World card of knowledge, we may again access the pillar of Severity or the pillar of Mercy through our conscious choices.


The Death card can be interpreted with as much brutality as its name suggests. This card is the card of extinction, death and stagnation. This is the ultimate step when humans persist in the foiling of the evolutionary process. If we endure in ignorance and self-imposed slavery, the pillar of Severity will crash on us with the full brunt of the consequences of our aggregate behavior. This card takes no prisoners.


If we heed wisdom and change to the pillar of mercy, we arrive at the Hanged Man card. This being represents cosmic enlightenment. He is versed in the Occult through effort and work and now applies himself in counter-acting the entropy process. He is, furthermore, a spiritual being by the way he descends on Earth from what can be called a Spirit world, but is firmly attached by his gnosis and knowledge of Natural Law.

This card truly signifies Evolution, the anti-thesis of the Death card.


We finally arrive at the Justice card. Both the pillars of mercy and severity do not pertain us now, since we’ve arrived at levels of conscience high enough to truly acclaim authority on Earth in full conscience. The man here is a king on a throne. His law cannot be challenged: it refers to both the Universe, the Earth and the Inner identity of the human being. His law is Natural Law. It is thus absolute.

And Justice for All.

Tune in for more lessons in the future!


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