The Goddess

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It’s time to further our knowledge of the Occult. To do so, we’ll keep coming back to the principles of conscience. We’ll also start analyzing the differences between the esoteric and the exoteric.

Religion is a system of beliefs created to hold back consciousness. It is one of the Sorcerers’ most lethal weapon in concealing the knowledge of right and wrong. As we’ve seen last post, the Sorcerers’ are the mind manipulators of this world.

That is not to say religions are completely bad. A lot of truth is concealed in the sacred books of the great religions. However, true conscience is not directly taught in these books. Furthermore, there are strong suspicions that the books, mostly the Bible, have been sabotaged by the old Dark Occult. The knowledge of difference between right and wrong is vital to any adept of conscience. What we see in religion instead is to arbitrarily deem an act as wrong, because the beholder is not pleased by the gesture. An individual engaging in vices, such as abusive drinking, gluttony, laziness or whore-mongering is not immoral if all parties agree to the action. We cannot, then, physically condemn these acts through any man-made law or through direct action. A real person who cares about its mind, however, will not engage in these vices as they arouse the reptilian brain and cause an imbalance towards the left hemisphere.

That brings us to the meet the mother-deity of all conscience-seekers. She is called Krishna in India. Throughout the West, she hails from Egypt. Her name is Isis.

She is the Moon-Goddess who gives birth to the Sun-God, Horus. Horus has three family members. He has a mother, a father and a brother. Horus rises after his mother, Isis, cloaks the dark night sky with her lunar presence. She gives birth to Horus through the God of the Heavens and Creator, Osiris. Horus also has a dark brother, Set. He comes out when the sun sets, at which point the darkness prevails.

If we want to make parallels here, Osiris corresponds to Mind, Isis to the right-brain and both Horus and Set the left-brain. Set is a mind out of conscience, completely absorbed by left-brain will. Horus is the enlightened one. He makes the bridge between action and emotion to create balance. through which the neo-cortex arises.

A simple look on pictures depicting Isis make us notice something:


She holds a sphere atop her head. This sphere is the sun. Isis thus corresponds to the principles of conscience. She is knowledge. She is the chalice, the bearer of the difference between right and wrong. It is only through her that the sun can be born. The sun, Horus, is the moral child, the male child of conscience. Only through her can the being made of flesh emerge and act upon conscience. All we mean here is to find confidence in the world, we must know that we act upon right instead of wrong.

The same story is told in the Bible. Comparing the Egyptian story and the Christian Story is easy. Mary is Isis while Jesus is Horus. Jesus incarnates the Sun God. He was immaculately born of Mary who rules atop the reptilian brain. We can see this in many pictures depicting Mary:


The symbology of these images is profound. We see allusions to the sun through the sphere behind Mary’s head in the first image. We also see a solar glow in the next two. We should also notice that she stands atop a snake. The snake represents the reptilian brain, or the left-brain hemisphere. This means that Mary triumphed over the snake. Her right-brain completely rules over her actions. She is immaculate; everything she does is in alignment with Moral law. We also see that children gather around her, or are protected by her. This means that childish youth is protected by the Mother spirit of right-brain conscience.

Let’s take a moment to observe what this means. To let the snake run amok in our psyche would make the children run away or be eaten. Without the protection of Mary, our inner youth thus disappears. If we let our actions overrun our mental and emotional make-up, we risk to slowly lose our youth’s joy and adopt compulsive behavior. We may become depressed without knowing why, or we could develop illnesses, bothmental and physical. As we will see later in this blog, this comes from an over-arousal of the reptilian complex.

Finally, we see that she’s cloaked in dark blue velvet. She’s also dressed with stars in the second image. This simply means that she is the Moon Goddess, like Isis. She is the protector in the sky during the blackness of the night. She replaces the sun which cannot follow without the guidance of conscience. To make an allegory, the night represents the darkness of ignorance. Without knowledge and without the intuition of conscience, which sprouts from the right-brain, we cannot act morally. Fortunately for us, we’ve discovered the fundamental difference between right and wrong, which gives us great advice on how to run our behavior.

You’ve now been introduced to the Goddess traditions. Stay tuned for more information on the subject.


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