The Forbidden Act

Hello there,

I’d like to make an appendix to my last post about the Goddess, religion, and the arousal of the reptilian brain.

I deem this knowledge crucial and necessary for any human being who wishes to ascend to a stable, permanent state of living. The knowledge i’m about to offer refers to sex and marriage.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the content in this blog post might shock the readers. I will borrow quotes from an author who’s fundamentally religious.

Marriage today seems to be in steep decline. Young adults would rather live in unmarried couples or have multiple divorces. The statistics say that the decrease in marriage rates go up to 50% from 1970 to 2010. It also states that the divorce rate today is nearly twice it was in 1960.

To enforce our link between marriage and the brain structure, we’ll call on one of the most important books of occultism: The Perfect Matrimony by Samael Aun Weor. This book is very poetic and refers to some of the most hidden mysteries carried out by specialists like Samael. For our purpose, we’ll focus on what’s important for us, that is, vital knowledge to assure the integrity of our minds.

Let us start with a couple quotes:

From the dawn of life a great battle has existed between the Powers of Light and the Powers of Darkness. The hidden root of this battle is in sex.” p.12

“ There is a correct interpretation of the mysteries of sex. White Magicians never spill the semen. Black magicians always spill the semen. White Magicians make the Igneous Serpent of their Magical Powers rise through the medullar channel. Black magicians make the Snake descend toward the Atomic Infernos of Man.” p.12


When we know how to adore and to kiss with infinite tenderness and supreme chastity, the Serpent rises. When we ardently enjoy lust and spill the cup. The Serpent becomes drunk with madness and is precipitated towards the Atomic Infernos of Man.” p.12

There are two types of Sexual Magic: White and black, positive and negative.” p.19

Sexual Magic with ejaculation of semen is black magic. Sexual Magic without ejaculation of semen is White magic. “ p. 19

According to these, the author seems to ardently defend the idea of sex without “spilling the semen”. That is to say, sex should be done without orgasm. Orgasm, as is told, would send people into a state of estrangement with their capacities to love. Let’s read further into the book.

The author refers to Adam from the Christian traditions.

(…)say that Adam had two wives: Lilith and Nahemah. Lilith is the mother of abortion, homosexuality and in general, all sorts of crimes against nature. “ p.14


Nahemah is the mother of malign beauty, of passion and adultery. The abyss is divided into two great regions: the spheres of Lilith and Nahemah. In these two great regions infrasexuality reigns sovereign.” p.22

Those who hate sex live in the infrasexual sphere of Lilith. Monks, anchorites, preachers of pseudo-esoteric type sects, pseudo-yogis who hate sex, nuns etc., all such infrasexual people(…)” p.22

Infrasexual consider them to be people immensely superior to those of normal sexuality. They look with contempt upon people of normal sexuality, considering them to be inferior. All the taboos and restrictions, all the prejudices that presently condition the lives of people of normal sexuality, were firmly established by infrasexuals.” p.22

We then see that Lilith is the instigator of sexual deviance. The author even mentions homosexuality as deviant. Here is what he says about Nahemah:

In this infrasexual sphere we find all the “Don Juans and feme the world of prostitution develops in this sphere. The infrasexuals of Nahemah feel they are very manly. In this sphere live those who have many women. They are happy in adultery.” p.23

The infrasexual inhabitants of the sphere of Nahemah are very touchy. They are the ones who use phrases such as these: “Offence must be cleansed with blood”, “I killed because I am a man of honor”, “My honor was slighted”, “I am a wronged husband”, etc.” p.24

The character of Nahemah is that of the he-man who jeopardizes his life for any lady, the passionate kind, a lover of luxury, a slave of social prejudice. The friend of drunkenness, banquets, parties, very elegant fashions etc., etc. “ p.24

We can clearly see what type of individual the author is referring to. The men of women here are characterized by short temper, a lust for sexual passion and a penchant for changing partners. Let’s explore now what is considered as normal sexuality by The Perfect Matrimony:

Really, sexual energy is without any doubt the most subtle and powerful energy normally produced and transmitted through the human organism. Everything that man is, including the three spheres of thought, feeling and will, is nothing other than the precise result of the different modifications of the sexual energy.” p.25

In the organism there are certain channels through which this powerful energy should normally circulate. When this energy infiltrates the delicate mechanism of other functions, then the violent result is disaster. In this way many very delicate centers of the human organ ism are damaged, and as a result the individual in fact becomes an infrasexual. “ p.25

The sexual energy is dangerously volatile and potentially explosive. During the secret act, during sexual ecstasy, the couple is surrounded by this tremendous and terribly divine energy. In these moments of supreme joy and of ardent kisses, that fire the depths of the Soul, we can retain that marvelous light to completely purify and transform ourselves. “ p.26

It is absurd to spill six or seven million spermatozoa when only one is needed to create. One single spermatozoon escapes easily from the sexual glands without the need to spill the semen. “ p.26

The idea of sex here is something delicate, full of wonders and ecstasy. Everything of man is related to sex. Not only the act itself, but his thoughts, the way he behaves and the way he feels. The author also warns us of the dangers of orgasm, which could result in a “violent disaster”. Although sex could result in potential harm, however, its correct practice is something of delight and could potentially heal us from some ills.

To wrap up, we can dessicate this from the short piece of the book we’ve read; sex is essential to man. Sex is transforming but it should be performed with caution and practice. Orgasm is something terrifyingly dangerous and we should abstain from it at all costs.

Why then, have humans been performing orgasm for the past thousands and thousands of years? The Dark Occult is again to blame for this. The secret of sexuality was hidden from humanity to subvert it from its true power and nature. Samael even argues that the root problem of all vices, misbehavior and great catastrophes on this Earth is due to sexual malpractice. The ones who are not content in normal sex are trapped in an abysmal hell. They are the infrasexuals. Some of them even act against the interests of sexually healthy people.

Perpetual celibacy is wrong. But spilling the seminal fluid is probably worse. The reptile brain is extremely aroused by orgasm, and that is something we wish to evade at all costs.

The Perfect Matrimony is here:


I will continue to analyze this majestic, monumental book at a later time.

Next time!


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