The Culprit (continued)


We’ve seen earlier in this blog how the mind manipulators want to create perversion in the human psyche for their own agenda. Not enough has been revealed yet here on how they do so.

Here are the main tools used by the Sorcerers to accomplish their goals.


Let it be known that the attacks on human conscience are multi-tiered. The Sorcerers’ circulation of misinformation is channeled more than one way. Let’s analyze these methods one by one.


Obfuscation is the deception of something’s true nature. It is also the complication of something originally simple. Everything in nature is presented to us simply and elegantly. We should realize, however, that the bigger picture contains a multitude of information. Multitude is something essential to conscience. Furthermore, the idea of principles and the idea laws are obfuscated. Principles are something received consciously by a human being and recognized as such. Laws are a set of rules put in place to create obedience. We can see then, that laws create fear, as they impose punishment on our bodies and our minds, while principles create order through truth. Principles are immutable, like gravity. If one is able to receive and generate what is found through these principles, then we grow as a species. Nothing good grows out of man-made laws. The same obfuscation is made about the kingdom of self. Self-governance is obfuscated with external control and as we’ve seen, this only leads to chaos.

Gnosis and belief are also obfuscated. Gnosis is the direct experience of something. If you have had positive or negative experiences, you were able to assimilate those experiences within. They have helped you grow into the person you are today. Beliefs are words or images imbibed from an interlocutor. Words are what they are: simply air that travels from someone’s mouth and goes into a listener’s ears. Beliefs will never have the same power of content that gnosis has. While belief may still be important, being a simple believer puts you at risk for right-brain imbalance.


The second method of manipulation is to prey on our primal fears. Our most important primal fears are the following. These are deeply rooted in our subconscious mind:

-Fear of darkness

-Fear of predators

-Fear of abandonment

-Fear of chaos

Since we risk to lose the stability of our minds if either of those fears are triggered, we see that we are at the mercy of our environment. As such, we are in need of a strong masculine presence to ensure our protection from these dangers, namely from darkness and from predators. A strong masculine force, whether it come from a woman or a man, needs to ensure our survival against these primal foes. Now, ask yourself this: what has replaced the strong masculine figures of antiquity? What is the new protector against darkness and against nature’s challenges? The answer is an institution debated earlier in this blog:


The delicate fabric of our minds can be forced to engage in certain behaviors to avoid the fear of those four dangers.


Divide and conquer is a strategy conceived in the Antiquity by the Romans and used since then. Its concept is simply to create rivalry between subgroups. Thereafter, once the fighting has culminated between two or many of these groups, the real enemy can advance and conquer what it has been preying on with its strategy. The divide and conquer strategy is used in many human group categories, such as:



-Regional origin or ethnicity

-Age (young or old)


-Social class

-Politics (Republican vs Democrat)

Whatever ways are good to make people feel separate. To feel separate, however, is not the same as feeling different. Humans should acknowledge their feelings of differentiation, as they do exist and are healthy. Separation, however, or a lack of will to coordinate with another human being due to pride, is a poisonous attitude created by the divide and conquer strategy.

Now, let’s tackle through one of the most lethal weapons the manipulators have at their disposal. Let’s start with the most spread one: religion.


This part of the post might be the most offensive one, but it is ultimately required to be profoundly conscious about what has animated human behavior for a very long period of time. Some notorious men, mostly historians, have argued that wars were started for religious zeal and fanaticism. Although religions have the power to propel human beings into irrational behavior, what we blame it for today is its ability to hold back our growth in consciousness.

What religion does is bind your mind into a set of beliefs often contrary to human truth. It is used to stomp down our nervous system into a more submissive mode of being. We need only see how organized religions have behaved throughout recent history to prove our point. Instead of spreading tolerance and moral teachings unto the masses, the religious authorities more often used their power to increase personal wealth and accrue land.


The board shown above can be split in three ways. The most outer circle is represented by the major religions. We call those the exoteric teachings. These are spread to the wide mass of humanity. The second tier circle represents the mystical traditions. They are the concealed teachings of the Occult. This echelon tries to initiate the individual or group which enterprises conscience to the core of truth. Religion, on the contrary, will do what it must to tie you back from progressing into the middle of the board, into higher levels of understanding. Remember, that the closer we reach truth, the more we can attenuate suffering in our lives. To more evidently picture religion as a thwart back, imagine the circle being shelled by the crust of religions. Their dogmas thus act as a prevention for people to reach secret truths.

Religions are not completely bad, however. There are concealed truths within the teachings and secret books of the major religions. However, there are too many passages in the books which prevent human beings to progress into durable levels of high conscience.

Alright, that’s enough for now. This chapter will be completed at a later date.


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