Taming the Devil

Alright folks, you will appreciate this post. There is something here that will dissipate some confusion about one of the most “illusory” and feared cosmic being of all time.

As said in the title, i’m mentioning the DEVIL.

This fearsome creature (or man, or angel) has given nightmares to countless human beings. He’s inspired fear and perhaps enabled order through fear of his punishments and of his hells. Fear not now, brave readers, for we will use the Occult to finally understand what this Devil wants from us. If he so is attached to the human race and wants harm done upon us, how do we get rid of him? Could we even possibly barter for his departure? Or perhaps… even make him a friend of ours?

I’ll be again pulling from Samael Aun Weor’s teachings to free you from religious dogma. Here’s the link: http://gnosticteachings.org/the-teachings-of-gnosis/lectures-by-samael-aun-weor/118-questions-of-importance-to-women.html

Skip down to this question:

Question: Why are many Gnostic students frightened of the card 15 of the Tarot? Why is the Devil on this card, the Typhon Baphomet, represented with breasts, as if he was also androgynous? (you should use ctrl+f to find it on your screen)


Samael preaches that to fear off the Devil, we should reduce the inhuman parts of our egos to dust. He goes as far to say we should completely annihilate ego. Further on, he goes and teaches us how the Devil was the most luminous Archangel of cosmic space. He lost grace, however, and we are guilty. As is preached by this mentor of Gnosis, Lucifer, the “Maker of Light” is burning hard due to our penchant for sin and temptation. Fornication made Lucifer the Devil where once he stood as the most luminous part of our being.

As simple as that. You should look up one of my earlier posts about “orgasm” to understand more about the Devil phenomenon. As is insinuated on the tarot card above, we are chained to a ravenous, unyieldingly strong devil and he won’t let us free of his chains unless we correct our actions. That is, if we refrain from promiscuity. In fact, I believe that the Devil card, also called Passion in some decks, simply is a call for men to refrain from all kinds of fleshly vices to grow more aware and mindful of ourselves in a humane way.

Let us also know that having no sex at all is possibly just as wrong as having sex for animal purposes or for simple pleasure. Let’s also know that while Samael professes a complete annihilation of the ego, he does not tell us the entire story of hermetic alchemy, which is of absolute importance in his doctrine. So, for our sake, we should understand that selecting one partner for long term relationships is the way to go.

Read The Perfect Matrimony to enlighten yourself on the subject: http://www.reuniting.info/download/pdf/The_Perfect_Matrimony.pdf



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