Freemasonry Now

Alright folks, let us tackle a once secret (but now more open) society that delves in the Occult and serves us plebeians of the modern age with precious knowledge.

Today, i present you… the Master’s Carpet!


I hope you armed yourself with the knowledge of the difference between right and wrong dear reader, for you need it right now. Let’s first identify the objects and patterns we see on the picture. We see:

a) First and foremost, directions like on a map, North/East/West/South

b) A checkered board

c) A pillar with the letter S inscribed, called pillar of Jachin

d) Likewise a pillar with the letter B, called pillar of Boaz

e) A third pillar with a W inscribed, representing neither sexes but wisdom or willpower

f) A ladder called Jacob’s ladder

g) Two stones representing the Ashlars, one rough and one seemingly perfect

h) Three people on the stairs, which we will presume are initiates in the Freemasonry Fraternity

i) A mysterious key latched on the stairs

j) Three pictures: the sun, the moon and the All-Seeing eye

Let’s begin with the explanations. As we’ve seen before, conscience is multi-tiered. There are different levels of conscience attainable and those have to be worked for in order to be appreciated. However, there is one tier in conscience that traps us in a prisonous material world: base conscience. Base conscience is represented by the checkered board. Let us be reminded that base consciousness is mostly related to survival. The board is walked on by the so-called “Wandering Man”, the man or woman out of conscience. These are truly prisoners of the world as their lack of care and understanding will bring them boredom and suffering for the rest of their lives. They are also at the mercy of tyrants who can do with them as they please.

Beyond the world of materialism exists two large pillars, one ornate with the S of Strength, representing the masculine and one with more flavor on top, with B for Beauty, our feminine side of conscience. If we wish to ascend from purely material life, our mission is to unite these two pillars into one, under the brave and wise guidance of our middle pillar. As an initiate of the realm of mysteries, you must rise from the checkerboard, pass through the dialectic of left and right brain and start climbing your way to truth consciousness. Our three intrepid heroes on the ladder are set on this quest. For this board, the initiates represent the three first basic rungs on the hierarchical ladder of freemasonry.

First is Entered Apprentice, still on the floor and about to enter his journey. Next is Fellow Craft, at the middle of the ladder but not quite receiving the key to self-mastery yet, which is hung farther on the stairs. In truth, this key represents caring about oneself and setting out to accomplish what must be done along one’s journey. The third initiate is a master mason, about to emancipate himself and enlighten his mind to truth and understanding about the world.

The two ashlar stones farther in the picture simply represent the soul. The rough stone is the soul we wish to work on and create, while the stone on the right represents the ideal perfection we wish to accomplish with ourselves.

Furthermore, the positions of geographic orientations tell us more about which position we want to take on the picture. Since we want to align ourselves with an elevated solar mind, we want to rise eastwards instead of westwards where the sun sets,or where darkness eventually prevails (base consciousness). We see that the West is where the checkerboard is placed.

So, this master’s carpet, if very briefly explained, is simply the sojourn of man out of base conscience to the care principle (the generative principle, as we’ve seen earlier in this blog), which eventually unfolds into the stargate of the Solar Mind.

Beautiful stuff, but the next explanations might be even more striking to you. Let’s rotate the imagine to put north upwards like a planet.


And here for some additional magic, here’s planet Earth with the same rotation:


If we look at it this way, we see the pillar of Jachin aligned with the tropic of Cancer, the pillar of Boaz aligned with the tropic of Capricorn and the pillar of Wisdom aligned with the equator.

Let’s make a parallel with the other concepts we’ve learned. We’ve seen before that the moon represents the protective mother that shelters us from unbridled instincts or actions carried off in ignorance, which causes suffering for our human race. This indeed corresponds to the beginning of our journey, bottom of the stairs. The All-Seeing Eye represents the esoteric notions we’ve accumulated during our studies in the Occult, but mostly the notion of absolute right and wrong. The sun represents an enlightened mind which can definitely carry good for the sake of humanity. We can also see the Strength pillar as the left hemisphere of the brain (action) and the pillar of Beauty as the right hemisphere of the brain (emotion, or spirit). Truly, the journey of man is to reunite the three principles of Man, such being

a)Thought (middle pillar)

b)Emotion (bottom pillar)

c)Action (top pillar)

When one knows how to coordinate thoughts and emotions, one can put action down into the world in a moral way. This is the reaching point of elevation, or illumination.

I hope you liked this presentation folks. Make sure to like or follow if you did.

You can watch Mark Passio’s presentation on the same picture in the following video:



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