More Tarot

Hey everyone,

We weren’t done last time I’ve presented Tarot and the Tree of Life. We’re gonna go through the remainder of the cards (0 to 10) to explain more of ourselves. Brace yourselves for more of the Occult!

Here’s the bottom part of the Tree with our new cards:


The Fool card, located at the Da’ath position, or Knowledge, represents the beginning of the Soul’s journey into conscious evolution. As we can see from the card, the man is going out on a trip and is about to take a leap of faith. He is about to cross the chasm between faithlessness and confidence in the mystery traditions. Along with his journey is the dog, which represents intuition. This card can also represent the man or woman who decides to leave normal human life planning into a life of self-acceptance and wholly decision-making.


The Wheel of Fortune, located at the Kingdom Sephirot, represents how karma flows inevitably from an event to the other. As from the Mystery Traditions, we know that karma is a Buddhist word for misery. Society, however, is not perfect, and things are bound to go awry. This is the catalyst of the wheel of fortune. The four golden stones in each corners of the card represent the moving cycle of life with the four seasons. On the top left hand corner, we have the Man, or Aquarius, symbolically placed in Winter. On the bottom left hand corner, we have Taurus, or Spring. At the bottom right hand corner, we see Leo, or Summer. At the top right hand corner, we see the Eagle, or Scorpio, which symbolically represents Fall.

Furthermore, we see three creatures on the card. The Blue Sphinx represents the lack of effort to sprint out of the karmic cycles: it thus represents laziness and apathy. The snake and the devil represent our base instincts which trap us further in base reality. As we’ve seen earlier on, base conscience relates to our physical needs in life.


The Hermit, placed at the Foundation Sephirot, represents spiritual darkness. The Hermit is an aspirant to the Spiritual Path, and seeks to plunge in the mysteries of the Occult. His robes are gray to symbolize his ignorance and spiritual impurity. This card’s location on the Tree of Life is key to our understanding of the Tarot. Foundation, corresponding with the sacral chakra, represents drive or desire. The Hermit thus wants to leave base conscience for greater motivation in life.


The Strength card, located at the Glory Sephirot, represents control over our immediate wants. As with the Tree of Life, we are located on the pillar of Severity, our internal world. This card simply symbolizes our power of control over instinctual impulses. As we see in the image, the lady, with the infinitude symbol on her head, closes the maw of the beast. In other words, this card shows how a human being can look towards a life of potential instead of always falling for vices.


The Chariot card, located at the Victory Sephirot, represents our will power. This card represents our will for action in the world. The starry curtain behind the person’s head is the multitude of the mind. The character here, through gut feelings (this Sephirot’s row correlates with the solar plexus chakra), is driving forward with the intentions of accomplishments and success.


The lovers card, placed at the Beauty Sephirot, also corresponding with the Heart Chakra, This card, placed between the two feminine and masculine pillars, seeks to unite the two. The lovers is thus finding meaning for life or finding free flow.

The rest of the Tree is coming soon! Stay tuned.


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