Assembling Consciousness (continued)

Time for more about the brain folks.

We’ve seen how conscience works and we’ve seen how that correlates to the human brain. We’ve also seen how some can live too much on one side of the brain. We’ll later look into the root reason of why a split in the psyche happens. For now, we’ll focus on distinguishing the characteristics between the two hemisphere imbalances.

What kind of person are you if you live in the left-brain?


Let’s discuss some of these characteristics. Rigid skepticism means to believe in something even if the evidence points to the other direction. For the rigid skeptic, 2 + 2 equals 5 instead of 4. Scientism is a religion. It is to believe technological advances and the doctrines of science are the only path to grant us long-term happiness as a species. Atheism is the belief that there is no creative force of the Universe, or that there is no God.

Solipsism is to be a navel-gazer. The solipsist is self-absorbed to the point where everything has a tie to itself. This or that thing is something he likes, but that thing is something he hates. Moral relativism is the contrary of natural law. It is to believe there is no such thing as absolute right and wrong. Morals can just be changed at a whim according to a situation, location, or time. Social Darwinism is to believe some individuals are to emerge on top, while the rest should just rot in plebeian stations. This ideology makes our society comparable to a jungle where lion is king. Eugenics is the idea that we can selectively breed humans to create a “desirable” gene-pool. Authoritarianism is the belief in an authoritarian echelon of government which should rule the lower human being classes.

Now, what kind of person are you if you live in the right-brain hemisphere?


For someone stuck in the right-brain, naiveté and blind belief are behavioral hallmarks. Logic is so hampered in these individuals that they can’t straighten up their minds. Religious extremism is a phenomenon seen through the news. Extremists take their religious dogma so seriously that’ll they’ll act against the interests of human beings to satisfy their own zealous pursuits. Curiously, solipsism is also applicable to the right-brain imbalance as well as the left-brain. They are often plagues with feelings of unworthiness and self-loathing, which often tumbles into a depressive mood. In the worst scenarios, the right-brain imbalance can bring the individual to relinquish all personal rights and engage in willing slavery, as was seen at the American plantations before the Civil War.

If by reading this, you found yourself to be in one imbalance or the other, you’ve found the right place to start healing. Besides the usual prescription for mental health (physical exercise, a healthy diet, socializing), the real shifting point in this arduous process is to learn the truth about ourselves.

We need to shatter a great illusion that has been imposed on us by the control system. This illusion has kept us confused about many things both in our own lives and about the ongoing things of the world. This illusion is our nonacceptance of FREE WILL. As human beings, we are born with the right to do whatever we want to do or feel like doing. This is the RANDOM component of our community lives. If anyone has free will to do as they please, then we cannot possibly tell what can happen today or tomorrow. The second component is deterministic. Although we can do whatever we want in the world, everything we do has a consequence whether on human beings or on nature. This means that we must apply care, knowledge and conscience to guide our actions, even though we’re born with the possibility to do whatever we want.

Someone in left-brain conscience is too focused on the FREE WILL part of our mind. Our wants must be aligned with what we can do with the array of our means and with the boundaries of conscience. Someone in the right-brain is too submissive to the will of others and is generally too sensitive to its own fears and emotions.


Now that we’ve discussed brain hemisphere imbalance and the confusion of our nature, a question arises: what caused this problem? The answers to this question are very numerous. They also challenge the boundaries of what we can believe. If you’re ready to get deeper into “unbelievable” things, stay tuned to this blog.


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